In the realm of stars, she boldly roams,
A Sagittarius girl with dreams that foam.
Her innocent face, a celestial grace,
Belies the wild mind, an untamed chase.

With arrows of wit, she takes her aim,
In realms of thought, she’s never tame.
Her laughter echoes, a wild, carefree sound,
As she dances through life, unbound.

Beneath her innocence, a spark ignites,
A fiery spirit that fiercely fights.
Her sarcasm cuts, a double-edged sword,
Yet beneath it all, a heart adored.

She wanders the world with eyes aglow,
Seeking adventures wherever she may go.
In her, contradictions beautifully blend,
A Sagittarius spirit, until the end.

In her wanderlust, galaxies are her guide,
With each step, her spirit soars wide.
Through cosmic dust and astral streams,
She navigates life’s wildest dreams.

Her laughter, a symphony of stars,
Echoing through Venus and Mars.
In her, the universe finds its muse,
A Sagittarius girl, forever infused.

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