The Old Man

Considering myself a determined being, I try to stay laser-focused, like a dog chasing a squirrel, on the prize that seems as elusive as the TV remote stuck between the couch cushions. The path I follow is tougher than a two-dollar steak, with challenges that make me wonder if I’d stumble into a cosmic game show. But I have this stubborn belief that a man might get knocked down, but he should never surrender. It is all about the relentless fight, and being willing to give up even your last piece of bacon to reach the peak of your dreams.

Most people are ignorant about turtles. Did you know that a turtle’s heart will beat for hours after it has been cut up and butchered? I think I  have such a heart too. In this I see a reflection of myself. I have a soul that just wouldn’t throw in the towel, a determination that refuses to take “no” for an answer.

But what if, after all my blood, sweat, and coffee-fueled nights, I find out my big goal was about as meaningful as a rubber chicken at a formal dinner? Should I surrender and binge-watch cat videos to avoid the ultimate faceplant of disappointment?

In moments of doubt, I remind myself that this isn’t the time to play “Where’s Waldo” with the missing pieces of my life. Instead, I take a lesson from the early birds, those fuckin old men who wake up with the roosters. They don’t rise just to add more hours to their bingo nights. No, they do it to squeeze every drop of opportunity from their limited hours remaining on this floating rock we call Earth.

Whether I end up finding that elusive TV remote or not, I’ll keep going, knowing that life’s greatest rewards often come to those who persevere through the toughest challenges. Like a turtle’s heart, mine will keep beating, no matter what obstacles come my way, and I’ll emerge from the cosmic game show, not as a spectator, but as a champion of my own destiny.

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