Well, that smell of s-ex ,Good like burning wood, The wayward lad laid claim to two thirsty girls who left a note when morning came. Play it seven times on the seventh day, seven lives, lead the way,
Rainbow’s seven hues shine bright, what’s up with gray’s relentless chase?
Back in 2011, I chose a path, sealed my fate, embraced,
Seven doobies in my pocket, eleven in my mind’s wild craze.

Stranger things unfold as my halo shines so bright,
Snow White with seven dwarves, what a mystical sight,
Heaven’s door is a quest, can’t escape its force,
No remorse, just time, roll the dice, of course!

Seven sides to me, no need to deny,
Aladdin’s third eye, let’s explore the sky,
Genie’s wishes, dreams soaring high,
Beginning, middle, and end, it’s all you and I.

Mind, body, and soul, the sweet breath of life,
Past, present, future, with no end in sight,
Yin and yang, balance keeps our journey on track,
Good and bad unite, it’s a timeless fact.

We’re all alike, yet our light is individuality,
Less chat, more silence, in this cosmic reality,
Am I right? I’m right, feeling as high as can be,
They say I’m unreadable, unbeatable, unreachable, that’s the key.

Nowadays, beginning my seasonal blues, contacts not so neat. Karma pays my dues, from youth to the street.

Nothing beats being here, in and out of booths,
But I must admit, yeah, still, I miss you.

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