Morning Sleeper

Here we go again, waking up to another day that feels like déjà vu. Cold bed, pure loneliness – the usual morning blues. Now, what’s on the agenda today? Should I dive into learning something new or just lose myself in video games for the whole day? How do I shake off these feelings? Do I need a new partner, or should I just embrace self-love? Maybe grab that damn visa and start a new chapter somewhere else? Or should I hustle harder, drown myself in work, and chase that money?

These questions keep buzzing around, making my 30-year-old life in Iran feel like a constant battle. The weight of choices is real, pressing down on me like the scorching Shiraz sun. Ambition tugs at me while the allure of escaping reality plays its own tune.

Welcome to the age of uncertainty, where decisions morph into a maze, each turn presenting a new set of challenges. The rhythm of ambition pulls at me, urging me to strive for more, while the enchanting melody of escapism plays in the background. Morning shadows dance, mirroring the ambiguity of my path, as I strive to anchor my restless soul in a world draped in unpredictability.

The corridors of my mind echo with the persistent questions, reverberating through the ambiguity of purpose. With each unfolding day, I grapple with the uncertainty, seeking answers that can serve as beacons in the maze of life. The daily hustle becomes a quest to find meaning, a purpose that dodges me in the age of uncertainty.

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