An update

As I wander through the sprawling streets of this unfamiliar landscape, the old buildings are adorned with the warm embrace of the lazy sun, painting a picture vastly different from the life I once knew in Iran. This bustling metropolis, rich with history and hardship, lays bare my thoughts as I navigate its intricate paths.

I traverse this labyrinth, anchored by the uncertainty of this new voyage. This vast expanse isn’t just a sanctuary but a canvas for my reinvention, calling me forth with both fear and promise, leading me to uncharted territories ripe with potential.

The allure of a fresh beginning beckons immigrants like me to venture westward in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. Yet, amidst the daily grind, the initial promise of the UK fades, leaving behind indelible marks on my soul. Despite the challenges and occasional cold stares, the beauty of this new landscape forms in my memories.

As I sit by the window of my modest flat, observing the pulse of life below, I reflect on the day’s tribulations. This vibrant city has a way of revealing truths hidden beneath its surface, much like how its harsh realities strip away layers of my own vulnerabilities and dreams. Each interaction tells a story, each neighborhood a chapter in the ongoing saga of my immigration experience.

At nights, when clouds obscure the stars, a sense of displacement washes over me. Memories of Iran, with its golden reminisces, aren’t mere echoes of the past but living essences intertwined with my being, whispering ancient wisdom as I navigate challenges. Though the burdens of the day persist, they are overshadowed by my unwavering resolve and resilience.

This unknown city may serve as a crucible of struggle, but it also holds within it opportunities and hidden beauty—a testament that even in adversity, there’s space for renewal and hope. Resilience becomes my muse, guiding me through the maze of uncertainty, offering a refuge where I both lose and rediscover myself.


With the morning light streaming in, I rise from the sofa i call bed, carrying the weight of my past experiences. Stepping towards the window, the crisp morning air greets me like an old friend. Below, the city awakens, its bustling sounds forming a symphony of existence. The sun’s gentle rays soften the cityscape, offering a glimmer of reassurance. Taking a deep breath, I embrace this new reality, understanding that there’s no turning back, only forward, with acceptance and adaptation as my companions.

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